With 787,000 published titles, we are swimming in the good, bad, and ugly ocean of books.

Since the pickings are in abundance, book lovers have become very choosy about what they buy.

Authors, much like an animal’s mating process, need to fluff up their feathers for attracting and enticing readers to purchase their book.

The proliferation of book cover web apps have spawned a saturation of, shall we say, less-than-desirable cover designs. Many authors have taken full advantage of these cheap resources and have cut corners on fine-tuning their designs, only to experience sluggish sales. As a result, more covers are looking too cookie-cutter, too amateurish, which in turn conveys a message of poor book quality to the reader.

Professional book cover specialists are reigning in on the rebound authors who want a design do-over and who realize that a good cover design equals good ROI. However, many indie authors cannot afford the often-exorbitant cost of book cover services, which can range upwards of $1000.

That’s where cover hybridizing comes in.

Imagine a solution where, as a savvy, yet budget-minded author, you can have your cake and eat it, too.

BookCoverly software is an easy, plug and go book cover design program that downloads to your computer and allows an author to have full control of designing their own covers, and — includes a full design analysis by a professional book cover artist. It’s like having a professional in a box.

This software isn’t a new to the playing field: It originally came out in 2007 under the name BookCoverPro and went on to be very popular worldwide. After a couple iterations over time, it re-emerged in 2018 with newly updated technology and design interface.

Created and developed by Angela Donelle, a 20-year veteran book designer, BookCoverly allows anyone, regardless of skill, to design their own high-quality cover by either using a pre-design from the templates gallery, or from a blank canvas.

Unlike web-based apps that can easily be hacked or sabotaged, BookCoverly is a secure solution. There are no subscriptions, this is a one-off purchase with free updates.

After a cover design is finished, Angela will provide a free, detailed cover critique, offering her proven trade “secrets” and techniques to optimize positive audience response and sales.

In essence, she will ensure your cover does not end up on Lousy Book Covers.

Authors now have a smart choice to have stunning, masterfully-analyzed cover design, AND maintain full ownership and control of their cover, confidently and confidentially.

For just a fraction of professional cover design service.

Hi and welcome! I’m Angela, and I’m a mom, author coach, and book designer.

Since 1999, my passion has been helping indie authors design and polish their books + increase profitability through branding.

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