Design Services

Beautifully crafted books that emanate best-seller presentation.

Cover design • Illustration • Interior formatting • Epub & Mobi conversions

Cover Design

Experienced book cover designer and illustrator for all genres.

As the first impression of your book, your cover is not just a design, but a valuable investment that will pay for itself many times over. Done correctly, a good cover will clarify genre, tone and style in a split second.



Original, hand-painted artwork that brings your story to life

Whether for covers or interior pages, I design illustrations to fit your book, created in acrylics & watercolor, or done digitally in Photoshop. Children’s books, fiction, fantasy, and more. You keep and maintain all rights to illustrations.


Interior Page Composition

Clean, polished page design to fit your genre.

I format the interior to match your book’s subject matter and tone, designed and presented to appeal to the intended reader.

As a compositor, I will review each page for elements such as poor hyphenation, word gaps, and other issues that would affect the page’s readability and beauty.

From simple text and title application, to a more detailed layout with sidebars, footnotes, chapter heads and embellishments, I have you covered.

Fiction – Non-fiction – cookbook – children’s book – memoir – textbook – all genres supported.

Epub & Mobi Ebook Conversions

Correct conversions for all electronic platforms.

An ebook is defined as an electronic representation of your printed book. Contrary to popular belief, ebooks are not a direct copy of a print book, because they are created using HTML code. However, done correctly, an ebook is clean, organized, and a pleasure to read.

Conversion involves taking the words and images in your file, tagging them, and converting them into HTML. The coded version is then packaged up into two formats: A .mobi file for Amazon Kindle and a .epub for iPad, Android, and Nook.

There are many poorly converted ebooks that are full of errors, common with the free “converters” that are rampant on the Web. In reality, this process requires more manual attention to ensure accuracy.

I work with an Ebook Conversion Specialist to ensure my client’s ebooks are converted correctly, each and every time. We apply an 10-step process:

  1. PDF to epub conversion, adding required metadata including ISBN, author name, book title, publisher and publication date.
  2. Reformatting cover as a compatible image.
  3. Mark up every text block, heading, list, quote, box, image and table with the corrected style.
  4. Style each paragraph and fonts to mimic a printed book as closely as possible.
  5. Correctly resize and place every image like the print book, and that will balance well with the layout.
  6. Convert each table to an image, and insert to ensure total compatibility across all devices.
  7. Create TOC navigation that fits to each device.
  8. Apply clickable cross-referencing.
  9. Align printed index with correct page numbers, linking each to its place in the book.
  10. Ensure compliance with ePubCheck and ePubPreFlight, and convert to create a compliant, similar mobi file.
Services Include:
  • Initial phone or email consultation to clarify direction
  • 3 to 5 cover concepts
  • Formal design from concept
  • Reasonable modifications and editing
  • Finalization and high-res output
  • Correct formatting for print and/or distribution
  • All original work and design rights transferred to client