Editing Services

I will polish the presentation of your manuscript, perfected and ready for submission.

Copyediting • Proofreading • Beta reading • Indexing

Copy Editing / Line Editing

A careful review of written material to improve grammatical accuracy, consistency, and continuity.
  • Spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, and word usage while preserving the tone and meaning of the original text
  • Establishing a consistent style and format in areas where needed
  • Create a style sheet that details interior style and format
  • Beta reading to check for overall clarity from a prospective reader’s view
  • Provide a revised manuscript with my detailed notations and changes


A lighter form of editing that focuses on surface issues such as typographical errors and general grammatical mistakes. This is also helpful as a final overall check before publishing.
  • Correct typographical and grammatical errors
  • Check for text and structure discrepancies
  • Correct any formatting errors, such as widows, orphans, etc.
  • Provide a revised manuscript with my detailed notations and changes

Beta Reading

I provide an objective, comprehensive, detailed review that will outline the strengths and weaknesses of your book and provide a valuable insight that truly represents your readers' point of view.

1. A comprehensive, easy to read critique that details the nine main elements:

  • Setting
  • Pacing
  • Characters
  • Style
  • Tone
  • Dialogue
  • Conflict
  • Consistency
  • Ending

2. Suggestions on how to revise certain areas of concern

3. Light proofreading for typos, sentence syntax, and grammatical errors