Qualities of a Successful Book Cover Design

Gone are the days of inside-the-box conventionality. Today emerges a new era of self-confidence; a courageous, fearless, adventurous commonwealth of indie authors who continue to break new ground and set their own rules in book cover design.

A book cover design should be eye-catching; burned down into the core of a viewer’s skull…a drug that entices…that has that magnetic, psychic ability.

Humans are curious creatures and are naturally drawn to the unique; the exceptional; the peculiar—whether it be designs, structures, people, products—anything that stands out from all the rest.

There’s no denying, we judge everything in our subconscious, including book covers.
And we make that judgment in a split second.

My favorite book covers give me instant gratification with two qualities:

  1. They have a simple, easy to read design.
  2. They aren’t afraid to be rebel against the “norm” or the “traditional” design methods.

Notice how these covers are ultra-simplistic—yet their message is powerful:

book cover design
book cover design
book cover design
book cover design
book cover design
book cover design

Today, indie authors should have full freedom to express themselves not only in writing, but in design. The cover represents the face of a book and is quite often, in itself, the deciding factor of whether a reader chooses to buy.

To bold, beautiful books!

Hi and welcome! I’m Angela, and I’m a mom, author coach, and book designer.

Since 1999, my passion has been helping indie authors design and polish their books + increase profitability through branding.

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